Exclusive - 5 Day Detox and Healing Retreat Package

 DAY    1  
....Arrive and do orientation and mediation class, relax and start to feel your body totally unwind in the gorgeous surroundings , then familiarise yourself with peace and silence and open up ready for next days activities, time to be alone and have a spa, and infar red sauna, then enjoy healthy detox dinner as you look over the gorgeous view from your secluded eco house...

 Day    2
Enjoy healthy breakfast in your room , individual Spiritual Counselling session with free personal time after for reflection bush walk , then healthy lunch and then Ayurvedic therapies and meditation class , sauna spa and then dinner....

 DAY   3  
Ayurvedic relaxation therapies for the mind specifically and after lunch two hours Chakra healing experience...You will feel so new and open to love again and you can share a special time with your loved one....talking in an undistracted environment....you will be opened up in your energy.

 DAY   4  
Breakfast and lunch alone time with partner then , Detox body treatment using Tasmanian seaweed mud in steam capsule....In the afternoon reflexology and spa bath....and dinner inside your room. 

 DAY   5  
Your Breakfast and then special facial treatment with Organic Facial massage products using our own Certified Organic Skincare products, Harmon H, then after lunch and afternoon, Chi energy healing from founder Ami Nakamura and meditation session, dinner and bath...Have a peaceful sleep and reflect on what you want to keep feeling like after you have left us as feeling new and fresh!!!


 Our Food


*Our food is specially designed for you to detox and start a new plan on the way to good health, using Chinese medicine principles of Ayurveda - that make a menu to give the body a fresh start after you leave and feeling lighter and better inside...Consisting of  health shakes, soups and salads and healthy meals with local ingredients designed by Harmony Hill.



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