Many people are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD ,People affected may feel anxious and highly vigilant, and have intrusive thoughts and memories of the trauma.With our personal counselling and healing treatment, people with PTSD can make a full recovery.
Stress is the biggest destroyer of happiness in our lives.
How do we fix PTSD?
We listen to your problems, and identify the reason behind your PTSD.
Because once we deeply understand why it is happening…we can see the way to manage it.
Our Stress Management Programmes focuses on a healthy lifestyle which aims at minimizing stress, creating positive changes and promoting synergy in your life. The comprehensive programmes of 5 0r 8 nights incorporate various balance light yoga, Breathing exercise, Healing therapies and organic food that result in a comprehensive balance of mind, body and soul
We offer many root vegetables and green salads that helps to grounding the body and mind.
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