How To Detox


There are many wellness retreats but nothing like Harmony Hill. Our facility welcomes a long list of regular visitors from around Australia and all over the world because of our qualified specialists, stunning location and world-class treatment options.

Before you decide on a retreat or wellness clinic, take a look at why Harmony Hill provides an experience like no other.

How To Detox Naturally With Australia's Best Detox Retreat - The Ayurvedic Way


✓ Not knowing how to detox
✓ Tired but unable to sleep
✓ Overwhelmed by life, bills, work and family
✓ Struggling with your emotions
✓ Unwell but not sure why
✓ Rundown and with no time for yourself
✓ Ready for a beautiful holiday


✓ Practitioner consultation
✓ Relaxation massage
✓ Energy-based healing therapy
✓ Yoga & meditation
✓ Infrared sauna
✓ Purifying vegan meals
✓ Ayurvedic treatments
✓ Emotional blockage clearing
✓ Mud-based detox treatment
✓ Solitude and tranquil surroundings

Book your visit to Harmony Hill and we’ll provide the restorative experience you have been looking for. Our sanctuary is designed to meet your individual needs and leave you feeling more than just rested.

Stay for several days or make regular appointments

If you live further away or wish to overcome a stress or illness-related issue, book an extended stay at our retreat. We offer five day wellness retreats and a six day Ayurveda Detox Retreat Package.

Stay in our exclusive accommodation and take the time to reconnect with yourself. Your world-class healers will work closely with you so you feel refreshed and better than you have in years.

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Here are some of the indicators of your body’s need for cleansing:

  • Constipation, loose stools, or irregular bowel movements
  • Difficulties in digestion
  • Intense cravings for spicy, salty, or sweet foods

How to Detox The Body

Ayurvedic methods help to detox with the natural use of herbs and its benefits. See our 6 nights Detox retreat program.

These are the health issues addressed by Ayurvedic interventions:


This serious health condition impacts one’s mental health and can trigger the onset of most mental disorders. Anxiety is embodied through dis-ease and the absence of calm in the mind.

How To Be Less Anxious

Interventions such as the Ayurvedic treatment help to restore a sense of calm to the mind. Fostering both clarity and groundedness in areas such as the mind, heart and spirit. Book your Ayurvedic treatment with us, here.


Stress is the body’s signs of the way life’s changes made its impact on you. Facing constant change makes it difficult to avoid stress.

How To Be Less Stressed

Treatment for stress such as the Ayurvedic method to lessen stress allow us to manage it through health and spiritual awareness.


Arthritis is the experience of inflammation in the areas of the joints. Two of the major signs of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness. This worsens over time.

Ayurveda For Arthritis

There are herbal medicines that are administered to improve the condition of Arthritis. Ayurvedic medicine interventions are quite useful in subsiding pain felt by those experiencing Arthritis.  

Known as a preventive system of health, ayurvedic medicine gives both physical and psychological benefits, even for those with health issues.

You may book your Ayurvedic session here or learn more about this alternative medicine. More on Ayurvedic sessions in this article.


It is defined as a serious medical condition which negatively impacts your mental health and emotions. 

Ayurveda For Depression

Those diagnosed with depression have a common history of living an unhealthy lifestyle, such as addictions, unhealthy food choices, lack of discipline in personal life and etc.

Ayurvedic interventions for depression includes therapies, herbal preparations and most importantly, lifestyle adjustments.

This is something you can attain from our Ayurvedic treatment services. You may learn how to manage depression with Ayurvedic


Sciatica is a general term for pain originating from the sciatic nerve.  Sciatic nerve pain is the burning, lighting sensation that travels from the buttock, down the back of the thigh, and into the leg.

Sciatica Treatment

Ayurvedic treatments for Sciatica concentrate on bringing back the state of balance and health.

 Lower backache 

The source of lower back pain may also be due to often pushing oneself beyond physical or emotional capacity. Mind, body and emotion lacking in stability.

How To Relax The Body

Ayurvedic physical treatments with Harmony Hill are very much helpful in relieving backache and correcting abnormalities. 


Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition that affects the skin. This health issue causes a rapid and excessive growth of skin cells resulting to the appearance of scaly plaques on the skin.

Psoriasis Treatment With Ayurveda

Just like the treatment for the lower back pain, there are many other Ayurvedic herbs available, and several could potentially benefit people with psoriasis.


A serious and yet common health condition that impairs the body’s ability to process blood sugar.Ayurveda For Diabetes

An Ayurvedic intervention recognizes the multifactorial nature of diabetes. Its treatments for diabetes range from internal, herbal medications to purification. Some meals such as Harmony Hill’s healthy breakfast meal helps to regulate blood sugar.


This condition may be caused by a few factors such as disease, hormones and stress, dieting and poor, nutrition, medicines, hair care.

Ayurveda and Hairloss

While internal health conditions are addressed by Ayurvedic interventions, external parts of the body such as hair is directly affected by our healthy choices in which Ayurveda has a lot to offer.


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