Luxury Celebration

Luxury Couple Getaway

This getaway is perfect for those who are…

  • Tourists looking for engaging and relaxing activities to do in Hobart
  • Seeking for a memorable and relaxing spa experience with your loved one
  • Busy couples or partners needing a break and quality relaxation
  • Wanting to celebrate special birthdays, anniversaries, or important luxury celebrations in a relaxing way
  • Looking for a world-class spa where you can spend private time with your loved ones

This package includes the following features:

  • 30-minutes infrared detox sauna experience 
  • 1-hour body detoxing body scrub and mud treatment in steaming spa capsules 
  • 1-hour full-body aromatherapy massage
  • Spa bath in your private pavilion

Discover what this package can offer you!

If you want some private time together with your partner or treat your family members, and friends through a refreshing retreat, then you must visit in Tasmania! Harmony Hill Spa Retreat is embodied with rejuvenating treats for you and your dear ones! Everyone needs a break from the daily grinds, get away from the busy lifestyles, or just enjoy a luxurious relaxation where you’ll feel special, pampered, and free from anything stressful.

Searching for the perfect relaxation you’ve never had in your entire life? Our Luxury Couple Getaway package is the answer to meet your premium relaxation needs. Take turns with your partner as you enjoy a total of 3 hours and 30 minutes of a detox spa package, while your partner enjoys the same sessions vice versa. Our private couple package’s inclusion allows you to simmer down together with your partner in an elegant bathing spa. Harmony Hill Health Retreat is truly a must visit in Tasmania!

Find out how we can make you feel special!

Holistic healing searches for the imbalances while we trace the roots of what’s causing the symptoms. This is what our aromatherapy and detox treatment does, it produces relaxation to your body after we track down the cause of the blockage.

To experience this luxurious couple getaway package, you must visit in Tasmania. This couple package focuses on your body detoxification and relaxation. Our infrared sauna’s temperature doesn’t go as high as a traditional sauna, instead, it will deeply penetrate inside your body to detoxify some contaminants. 

Following a full body massage, you can loosen up with our full body scrub using a detox mud to draw out more toxins from your body. A warm steaming treatment will then be performed afterward to provide you a soothing head massage. This package will be topped off with a refreshing private spa bath coupled with an herbal tea before you and your loved one can rest your day off.

One of our customers once complimented:

We came here with darker skin, but my skin has now become fair and white! My body also feels very light now!“ 

Take pleasure with these benefits:

  • A deeply relaxed and detoxed body
  • Get pampered in a quiet and private spa pavilion
  • Enjoy a luxurious and soothing spa package suitable for you and your partner

Duration time: 3-hours and 30-minutes

Price: $540




Ayurveda Bundle Massage For Two

This Ayurveda Bundle Massage is perfect for those who are…

  • Looking for a one-hour relaxation and detoxifying massage treatment.
  • Wanting to try an Ayurveda treatment that removes toxin and fluid retention 
  • Experiencing body pains, stiffness, and muscular spasms
  • Needing to recover from illness and constant exhaustion

Our massage for two includes the following:

  • 1-hour bundle whole body massage
  • 1-hour infrared sauna in your own sauna room
  • A stylish single massage room 

Discover what this package can offer you!

Harmony Hill’s Ayurveda Bundle Massage is a relieving body massage that comes in warm bundles. This bundle is stuffed with organic herbs and salt dipped into a warm Ayurvedic oil that will be applied to designated areas all over your body. This natural massage therapy remedies muscle strains, tension, and rheumatic problems.

Come together with your friend or partner to release the stress hormones caused by your everyday routine and work. Take turns with your partner as you rejuvenate with this luxurious 1-hour bundle massage, following a 1-hour infrared sauna, while your partner enjoys the same sessions vice versa. Harmony Hill Health Retreat is a must visit in Tasmania! Start renewing your mind, body, and soul now!

Aromatherapy and detox treatment

Find out how we can make you feel special!

All our Ayurvedic treatments and massage are based on organic methods compared to the medicinal properties used in Western healthcare. Ayurveda targets on preventing diseases from spreading in your body by eliminating its symptoms and growth. The ability of natural medicine produces no side effects as opposed to Western medicine. Our organic properties include purely plant extracts in herbal oils that are applied in our treatments such as Ayurveda Bundle Massage. You must visit in Tasmania and experience quality natural treatments!

Take pleasure with these benefits:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Relieved body pains, spasms, and stiffness

Duration time: 1-hour massage and 1-hour infrared sauna 

Price: $280 for two (2) persons, ($140 per person)