Nobel Thomson


World Class Experienced Ayurveda Therapists

Noble is an Ayurvedic trainer and therapist from Kerala, India.

He have over ten years experience as Ayuveda therapists and trainer in famous world class SPA RETREAT

“Ananda Spa Retreat at Himalaya. ”

Kerala is known as the home of Ayurveda, which is the oldest healthcare system in the world and it combines the profound thoughts of medicine and philosophy.Noble belongs to a traditional family, practicing ayurvedic treatments for long time. Naturally he turned into field of ayurveda and studied the basic principle of ayurveda,Anatomy ,physiology and traditional treatments from a Govt institute in kerala guided by ayurvedic doctors.

Noble is a highly professional and skilled massage therapist with a positive attitude and excellent customer service. Noble was the Trainer and senior therapist at Ananda in the Himalayas from May 2005 to Feb 2015.During this period he has treated many famous people from all over the world.

Noble was trained in various therapies including Thai massage,Swedish,Aromatherapy,Reflexology,Reki and shiatsu from highly experienced Trainers. He is able to provide wide range of specialized traditional therapies.


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