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“I was very sceptical to be healed in only 5 days”

After my 5 day retreat, I am feeling really good, relaxed and cleansed.

Day 1, I really needed help. Then as each day passed, I started feeling better & better.

After my 5 day retreat, I felt completely renewed.

“The money I spent was worth every cent!”

Definitely service is impeccable, meals are beautiful. And not wasting money at all. It is worth every cent… so I am very happy.

“I feel much better after my five day retreat!”

Maggie, who is a successful business owner, enjoyed our five day detox retreat package and left the following feed back…

“I felt negative energy released from my body!”

Annie who is a super hard working and high performance business manager who enjoyed our five day de stress package says –
“I feel much lighter and have quiet space to re think my life plan.”


Busy business MD says, ” It was a great experience the detox retreat to clean up my system. I think I lost a couple of Kg in five days! I feel great to get rid of stress!

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